Notice & Caution

The purpose of document is not for an investment.
'LATAM CASH’ complies with every country’s polices and regulations.

The notification is only applicable to readers of ‘Light Paper’&’White Paper’, and please keep in mind that the notification may change or update.

It is a reference provided from white paper and web site, but it does not promote to purchase ‘LATAM CASH’. The trade or business of ‘LATAM CASH’ should be made under the one’s own responsibility.

Every subsidiaries of ‘LATAM CASH’, directors, executives, staff members, and agents do not bear a responsibility of any liability on benefit, income, loss or damage from trades of ‘LATAM CASH’ under the relevant liabilities, regulations, and rules in the maximum extent.

‘LATAM CASH’ does not responsible for s customer violated relevant laws, regulation and rules of local ICO

Range of excluded liabilities: every expense of claim, compensation, loss, and legal fee.

The document contains future predictive statements based on the current statistic number and assumption, but ‘LATAM CASH’ does not have a responsibility to bear any liability to update on website about any risk, uncertainty, actual result, information may give influence on future change or events, and any other information created by ‘LATAM CASH’.

  1. ‘LATAM CASH’ cannot be provided, purchased, devolved on any resident, permanent resident, and citizen of United States of America as well as citizen of county regulated by ICO.
  2. ‘LATAM CASH’ is non-returnable to ICO participants in any case.

‘LATAM CASH’ has established in Singapore, and Singaporean laws regulate the trade of ‘LATAM CASH’

KYC compliance details

After the Cloud sales, the customers participating ‘LATAM CASH’ should comply with Know Your Customer(KYC) rules and any applicable regulations for the identity confirmation. ‘LATAM CASH’ will do everything to provide a convenience of use and stability for customers as below.

  1. ‘LATAM CASH’ complies with KYC, Anti-Money Laundry(AML) system, and laws related to ICO.
  2. ‘LATAM CASH’ complies privacy policy to protect customers’ registration information and privacy information.
  3. ‘LATAM CASH’ will utilize collected KYC information only for ‘LATAM CASH’ sales, and the submitted documents for KYC will be terminated after the end of ICO.

Details of KYC procedure will be updated on website or by other materials.