Privacy Policy

‘Latam Cash’ Personal Information Protection Privacy Policy Last update: 17 Dec, 2019

A. FHL PERU S.A.C, individuals, and the users of follows the below policy.

  1. FHL PERU S.A.C is the publisher and administrator of the above website, and FHL PERU S.A.C is indicated as a ‘company’ hereafter. ’Website’ or ‘the website’ on the policy refer to ‘Latam Cash’ service and the domain above, and the company provides electronic wallet and cryptography services through the website or service.
  2. User: The users of website are mentioned as “User” or “Customer” on the policy.

B. The policy collects information when user visit the website or people register as an user or any other method. Company collects information from users when they register or use website, and the policy may change at any time. Company may disclose personal information according to the company regulation. The policy covers only information from the website, and do not cover personal information attained from different channels.

  1. Please contact with the data protection administrator for contacting company due to the policy or personal information protection. (

The company has a right to change the policy at any time and by any method. User should have to visit website and check the policy frequently by using “Refresh” function. User should verify the date of “Final Version”, and refresh the website once the date did not change. The user s can easily recognize the changes of policy by checking the date of Final Version. The date can be an indication of an edition or update, and the company may make the properties, in the case of company has devolved on other companies during the merger or buyout, with the users’ personal information partially. The partial or complete amendment of policy will update on website, and the users will be notified changed contents from a ‘news update’ of account setting page. The company will consider as users, using the website and services after the amendments of policy, have agreed on the changes of policy.

  1. Passive Collection
    The company allows cookies to collect users’ information to improve experience of website. The collected cookies are IP address, geological location, and other session data. Cookie is a small data saved in local browser cache, and the cookies help to optimize and simplify the website. Most of browsers are configured as automatically accept. It may give influence on user’s knowledges using website efficiently. Cookie is not permanent and will be expired when it has not used for a short period. For further security, please deactivate automatic cookie save or configure browser to notify before it saves in your computer. However, partial functions of website may unable to use when the cookie has deleted or deactivated. The company will not responsible for any loss from malfunctions due to the configuration of web browser’s security option.
    The website do not follow the regulation of GDPR, and may limit services to particular users from Europe.
  2. Active Collection
    Company may collect and use information of user when they use website:
    Active collection is collecting users’ data of registered information in account which created when they register/submit documents on websites. The website saves user’s information, such as, name, email address, and contact details.

Company do not share the user’s identification and password with a third party. However, the personal information, such as, user’s personal information, log-in information, and email address, may share with the third party to provide optimized service, facilities’ services or third party’s service The information of company regulated by the policy may involve in the ‘Money laundry prevention client examination service supplier’ as an act of compliance of laws. The company is not responsible of other company’s personal information protection policy, and also, will not responsible for the users accessing through third company’s website.
The personal and comprehensive information collected passively will be used for a company’s marketing education.
Company utilize users’ personal data to provide our services, for example, guaranteeing the register service payment. Also company may utilize user information for market research purpose. The information will be used for the purpose of marketing, which is to promote and improve users or other users’ experience and to investigate and research a potential market. To indicate an use of general service, the above general information may share with third party and identifiable informatione.

Company values users’ information and recognizes the importance of saving the data in security. Except the indicated contents below, the company do not allow third party to use or share user’s information without our consent or legal requirement(Including every information or document related to user). The company may disclose information of users’ service or website use, and the information may be searched on Google or other searching engines if it is appropriate in the company discretion.

  1. Company follows the policy and regulation, and also, company accepts to share personal data with government in the case of legal requirement.
  2. Company may examine and observe user information in the sake of money laundry prevention, for example, providing user’s personal date to third party which is to confirm the identification. The location of third service supplier who saves personal data may be on Singapore or overseas.
  3. Suspicious activation, potential money laundry, or financing for terror or illegal purpose will be, in company discretion, reported to law enforcement agency, regulatory authority, or government in all region,
  4. Company may take an act of disclosing and collecting personal contact or identifiable information for instituting a law suit once user has violated terms and condition or policy.
  5. Manage company’s website and service appropriately.
  6. In the case of crime, company has right to disclose all information to law enforcement agencies to protect company and user’s right, property, and safety. Company follows legitimate government or person who has right to publish criminal or civil lawsuit, administrative procedure, summon request, order, judgement, and and such procedures.
  7. Within the purview of relevant laws, company, in its discretion, may or may not provide or disclose information to a law enforcement agency, party of civil lawsuit, and government institution. The examples of such cooperation are the request from legitimate government or person who can publish criminal or civil lawsuit, administrative procedure, summon request, order, judgement, and and such procedures criminal.
  8. Even the approval of using credit card or bank account, company has a right share personal information with a relevant law enforcement agency when there is an evidence that a customer is not a direct owner of a credit card or bank account.
  9. A person violated spam protection policy may be disclosed his personal information. Company may take a measure or investigate, in own discretion, to block or suspend a his email activity which is sending bulk mails in a purpose of illegal spam or advertisement.
  10. A cloud service provider runs the website and service. The data of backup and disaster restoration is following standards of local country and cloud service provider. Cloud service provider cannot grasp a location of data from local country or particular data center due to a property of cloud service.
  11. Contact for further information of website and cloud service provider (

The company may notify details of existing and new program periodically. The company may use personal use in the purpose of marketing a every virtual currency or cryptography interface. Customer may contact or click block link below to refuse an automatic notification. The customer shall have a responsibility of discontinue of system or other notification after the block of company’s marketing emails .

Company shall maintain a control and responsibility of users’ personal data, and shall take a technical and legal measure to protect all sensitive personal data transmission. The company also shall do a best for integrity and security in the network and system, and the website follows the standard of firewall and security to protect users’ information. Every user’s personal data will be saved within company during the active account life, and an approved administrator will access and protect the information through VPN. The company carries our regular inspections and will update a result of security inspection on website. The company will do everything to prevent an access of other companies’ hacker, but company cannot guarantee the security due to the vulnerabilities of software and communication of internet. Company shall take a rational security measures to protect personal information, but we inform the risks of security in advance. Please do not send any proprietary or confidential information through the website.The proprietary or confidential information should be disclosed under the particular care, thus the company shall not have a responsibility of any loss or damage from disclosing the proprietary or confidential information transmitted through company’s website.

User shall have a right to withdraw one’s consent on partial or all policies of collecting, using, and disclosing personal information, but customer shall provide services once they do not register or maintain information, or they cannot share information with particular third party.
Customer can contact with below email to Please contact tokensale@latamcash.ioto access or change information in writing, but we may request to customer to pay rational charges for accessing or changing information.

Website shall limit the access or delete personal information of an user has citizenship of Europe countries where follows GDPR. The website does not have a responsibility of problems caused by cookie or website tracking tool. Please contact tokensale@latamcash.iofor modifying or deleting your information

Please contact for any problem, answer or suggestion for above privacy policy