LATAM CASH is blockchain-based simple payment platform that applies blockchain technology to simple payment services such as WeChat Pay and KaKao Pay.
LATAM CASH enables users to conveniently make payments using QR codes on their smartphones, block hacking, forgery and tampering with blockchain, and use cryptocurrency payments, P2P transaction through personal wallets automatically created during app installation.

LATAM Cash’s LMCH tokens can be used to pay gameplay fees when enjoying online games serviced by FHL Games.
Also, it can also be used at FHL Games’ affiliated PC cafes in Latin America.
We plan to expand it for the use of general on/offline commerce in the future.

To boom up the use of LATAM CASH in real-life services, users in the ecosystem can receive token airdrop through various type events.
Token rewards will also provide for the provision of user’s personal information or receiving advertisement during the transaction.

Total issuance volume of LATAM CASH is 1,000,000,000 LMCH and 400,000,000 of them is sales volume
Regarding to the distribution plan, please see the Whitepaper.

As suggested on Roadmap section of the Whitepaper, LATAM CASH will be listed on Exchange.
Please note that under the regulations of the Exchange, we cannot disclose the information on the exchange to be listed in advance.

Returns due to transfer mistakes are impossible on the Ethereum blockchain.
Please check your address again before executing transfer.